Basic Form Running is the process of making you a more efficient, faster and less injury-prone runner. It is not a “one-style-fits-all” prescription for the perfect running form, as there is no such thing. It is the adaption of four basic principles to your own body’s mechanics.  Everyone’s physiology is unique and accordingly, a personalized approach is needed for each individual runner.

These videos below will help you get started. As we state in the video(s), don't worry about educating yourself on all four. Watch all videos so they are in the back of your mind. But if you are a beginning runner, please just focus on one or two of the disciplines.     HAVE FUN!


*Aim for a cadence of 180 BPM

*Run Light and avoid pounding

*To find your cadence. Jog out for 30 seconds and count how many times your right foot touches the ground. Multiply by 2.


*Stand Tall

*Point toes forward

*Reach to the sky to reset your Posture

*Run with your head up and keep your gaze ahead of you (on the horizon)


*Lean from ankles without bending waist

*Use gravity to your advantage instead of excessive muscle force

*Give your knees a break! (In the good way;)

                                                       FOOT STRIKE

*March in place to reinforce your proper mid-foot strike (see video)

*Heel striking and over-striding cause breaking

*Landing on forefoot can strain calf and Achilles 


Eric Ade, from the Three Rivers Running Company, introduces the proper techniques to running for fitness and pleasure in a series of instructional videos.

Eric Ade, Three Rivers Running Company, OpF4 and Dirk Rowley from INsight 21 talk about the techniques that have been explained for proper running for fitness and pleasure.