Getting fit — take the first step...

Step 1

Get a notepad and pencil to help yourself keep track of your fitness goals and your progress. Focus on activities, such as running or cycling with some weight training if you want to lose weight. Do more intense weight training if your goal is to build muscle.

Step 2

Look at your schedule. Determine when you can reasonably commit to a workout of approximately 30 minutes, four to six times a week. Be realistic about when you can workout. Be patient with yourself during the beginning. Even simple exercises like brisk walking or swimming can really contribute to your ability to control your weight, improve heart health, and elevate your mood.  

Step 3

Create a chart to track your progress. Jot down the days and times of your workout . Adjust your schedule if you're taking the opportunity to exercise at a different time of day or are going shorter or longer in your sessions.

Step 4

Be sure to allow for a 5 to 10 minute warmup before each workout, as well as 10 minutes for cooling down. Warmups include some basic light stretching and calisthenics as well as a short walk or jog; cool-down exercise might be a relaxed walk or some basic stretching exercises.

Step 5

Try attending a class that fits into your schedule, perhaps one that is on the way to or from work. Classes can make workouts more fun and you may be more motivated to attend if you like the other poeple in it.

Other tips . . .

A fitness coach or personal trainer may be helpful to make sure your goals can be met with the amount and type of exercise you are doing. A trainer can suggest exercises that make your workout more efficient and/or challenge you to reach greater fitness levels.

Posted on September 2, 2014 and filed under fitness.