Reusable may defeat your healthy food-buying habits!

Reusable shopping bags.jpg

If you’re one of the 33 percent of shoppers who use reusable grocery bags (and you remember to bring them from your car into the store!), beware! You may be thwarting your own goals without even realizing it. A new study found that bringing reusable bags to the grocery store increases your likelihood of purchasing not only organic food (yay!) but also junk food (boo!). The explanation goes like this: People who bring their own bags fall into the environmentally friendly camp. With bags in tow, they purchase in an environmentally friendly manner, which explains the organic food. Unfortunately, feeling good about their healthy purchases, they then indulge in the junk. Now that you’re aware of this phenomenon, surely you won’t do it! Go ahead and bring your bags — just be sure to bypass the processed items.

……”those who wage war against plastic don't necessarily also wage war against junk food.” Erin Blakemore

Posted on January 1, 2016 and filed under nutrition.