Stay active for more energy, less stress and greater happiness.

Ready, set, pop quiz: Margaret wants to lose weight. Evelyn wants to get healthier. And Alice wants to increase her daily energy. Which woman do you think will stick to her exercise routine? Surprisingly, the answer is Alice. When the goals are weight loss and better health, people spend less time exercising, not more, according to research.

Alice will most likely exercise more because her goal — more energy — is immediate, and it will improve her daily life. Other daily motivations to increase your activity include improving your mood, managing stress better, and spending fun time with friends and family.

Thinking about what’s in it for you today gives you a reason to enjoy the exercise — and to stick with it. Because who wants to jump off the couch to exercise if it feels like a punishment or homework? Not us! The best ways to stay active: Find things you love to do that raise your heart rate, and then find a buddy to do them with you. It’s the best and most enjoyable twofer out there for better health. Now go on…and get moving!

"Walking is also an ambulation of the mind.” Gretel Ehrlich

Posted on January 29, 2016 and filed under fitness.