Laugh — and laugh often — for your love life and your health.

It’s all well and good if “the whole world laughs with you”, but what about your partner? When it comes to love, trust your gut — but pay attention to your giggles, too. Laughing with your mate can be a sign of a strong relationship, according to two new studies. Guffawing is seriously healthy — it boosts endorphins, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar, and reduces pain. If you find yourself in a straight-faced rut with your partner — let’s face it, the daily grind can get a little humorless — set aside time to lighten up. Go see a funny movie or an improv troupe, or hang out with funny friends, since laughter tends to be contagious. And shift your perspective to see the comic side of domestic frustrations, like your spouse’s 4 a.m. snore-fest (just call him Old Reliable!). Your relationship may last longer in more ways than one — some research has linked humor with longevity. 

”Laughter is an instant vacation.”  Milton Berle



Posted on March 10, 2016 and filed under wellness.