Streamline your decision making for more time and less stress.

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Ah, choices! They can make us feel rich with options. But do you ever feel like you spend as much time making mundane decisions (what kind of blender to buy, or what to wear to work) as you do important ones? The abundance of options and the time it takes to review them (only 3.5 stars?!) creates a cacophony of noise that can mess with your mind — not to mention your time. Cut through the racket with these effective strategies:

Know (and trust) thyself. “This applies whether choosing a vacation destination, a car, a dress, or a type of peanut butter.

Don’t believe the hype! Know what matters, and what doesn’t. See marketing ploys for what they are, and aim for “good enough” rather than “the best.”

Limit your options. Pare down your possessions to those you love and use (plus a few you might be saving for sentimental reasons). Send the rest to someone who can really benefit from your stuff!

Set a timer. For small decisions — shampoo, a backpack for your child — set a timer for 15 minutes. Save your time for more important judgments — and for living your life! 

 “Choice overload is a bona fide source of stress in today’s consumer culture.” Cleveland Clinic clinical psychologist Scott Bea, Psy.D

Posted on February 12, 2016 and filed under wellness.