Open Your Heart and Choose to be Happy

In the dreary days of winter, it is not uncommon to feel a little gloomy. Depression and the instinct to hibernate can set in, making us want to close ourselves off from the world. In those moments when you feel a little blue and your energy is low, try to get your body moving and your breath flowing to release natural endorphins (pain relieving, feel good chemicals). One effective way to do both of these things is to practice yoga. Yoga includes a variety of physical exercises to open the chest and shoulders and promote deeper breathing and better circulation. But here’s a fact that may surprise you: Not only does yoga provide physical benefits, but it can also teach you to open your heart, emotionally — to cultivate more joy, love, and gratitude in your life. After all, whether we like to admit it or not, happiness is a choice, and it comes from within. 

"Get the inside right. The outside will fall into place." Eckert Tolle 

Posted on February 25, 2015 and filed under wellness.