Breathe in the Sun

sun in face.jpg

Feel like spring has sprung, but your body didn’t get the memo? Get some pep in your step with a few Sun Breaths. Sun Breaths engage the entire body and boost energy flow. Here’s how to do one: Begin by standing tall, with a straight spine, your feet about hip-width apart. Inhale a deep breath and then exhale fully. On your next big inhalation, extend your arms out to the sides and sweep them up over your head. Pause here, arms up and near the ears, holding the breath for just a moment. When it’s time to exhale, do so slowly, as you bend forward, hinging at the hips, leading with your sternum (the front of your chest). Allow your arms to come forward with you, bringing your hands to rest on your calves or feet. You want to create a gentle stretch, but not a strain. Be sure to listen to your body — it’s talking to you even if you don’t like what it’s saying! You may wish to bend your knees slightly, allowing your hamstrings to ease into the position. Once you’ve exhaled all your breath here, take in another big inhalation and sweep your arms back up overhead once again, pause, and then fold forward again as you exhale. Repeat the Sun Breath up to five times, or more than that if you want to pray the sun shows today!

"The sun is each new day." Heraclitus



Posted on May 11, 2015 and filed under wellness.