Be Smart About Supplements

Emerging nutrition research is actually cause for celebration. “We have a lot more power to support our health than ever before,” says Melissa Young, M.D., integrative medicine specialist at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine. Eating a whole foods, anti-inflammatory diet can switch on or off certain specific genes to propel your body away from illness and towards health. Dr. Young recommends four core supplements to complement your nourishing diet. Work with your doctor to choose the best brands and appropriate dosages.

High-quality multivitamin with minerals. Even if you eat well, you may be deficient in important nutrients because of depleted soil, extended geographic transport of food, and poor digestion.

Fish oil. Your brain and heart benefit markedly from omega-3 fatty acids. Look for a fish-oil or algae-based product that contains DHA and EPA.  

Vitamin D3. Supplementing with the “sunshine vitamin” may help prevent a host of chronic illnesses. Ask your physician to check your level; dosages vary depending on how deficient you are and how much time you spend outdoors.

Probiotics. Adding beneficial bacteria (aka “good bugs”) supports your digestion, immune system, joints and a host of other aspects of your good health. Look for a product that contains a wide variety of strains and requires refrigeration. 


“Millions of Americans today are taking dietary supplements, practicing yoga and integrating natural therapies into their lives. These ….will keep them out of the doctor’s office and drive down the costs of treating serious problems…. Andrew Weil

Posted on August 31, 2015 and filed under nutrition.