Time to stir yourself up into a pair of good walking shoes! Physical activities that get your blood pumping and your muscles working are essential for good health, but everyday movement matters too. Given the stats on sitting — about half of Americans spend at least six hours a day on their derrieres (it’s about 19 hours a day sitting or lying if you count sleeping) — it’s easy to forget that we’re bipedal animals. It’s time to jog your memory (pun intended!), and your legs. You don’t have to set off for the Appalachian Trail…although if you’re so inclined, go for it. A mere two minutes of strolling every hour may reduce your risk of dying substantially earlier, according to a recent population study (simply standing didn’t have the same effect). At work and at home, break up stretches of sitting by taking frequent mini-walks. Set a timer to help you remember. The results are additive, so keep increasing your time, and keep looking for more ways to hoof it. If walking to work or the grocery store is practical for you, keep your walking shoes as handy as your car keys. Once you get into a groove, walking more becomes self-reinforcing for a simple reason: It makes you feel good! 

"Your body is made for walking." Gary Yanker

Posted on September 14, 2015 and filed under fitness.