Make the Skies a Little Friendlier


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Make the skies a little friendlier. De-stress before you board.

Running full tilt to catch a plane, sitting on the tarmac for an hour, being jolted awake by a toddler’s feet slamming into your headrest…sometimes air travel challenges even the most Zen among us! Get off to a flying start with the right prep:

Move your body. To counteract that cooped-up feeling you get with a long day of travel, jump rope or take a walk before you leave for the airport. Use some of your pre-board time to stroll through the terminal.

Download some yoga stretches from the net and use them between walks.

Just say om.  Remember your breath, the relaxation tool that’s always with you. Deep breathing will do wonders to calm you.

Drink wisely. Hydrate before you leave for the airport, and bring along a water bottle to fill after you pass through security. Keep alcohol to a minimum to avoid sleep disturbances and dehydration.

Arrive rested. Pack a pillow so you can doze without waking up to a stiff neck. To prevent jet lag when flying eastward, consider starting melatonin several days prior to your trip, at the anticipated bedtime in the new time zone. Discuss the right dosage with your doc.


 “You should always be asleep on a plane.” Kate Moss






















Posted on November 9, 2015 and filed under wellness.