Tips to Eat Smart at the Ballpark

  • 1.    Do your research
  •       a.    Opt for chicken, fish, veggies or turkey burgers.
  •       b.    Avoid the unhealthy choices that vendors bring to your seat.
  • 2.    Mind your portions
  •      a.    Opt for smaller ‘dollar” dog versus pricey loaded dog.
  •      b.    Opt for kid sized burger.
  • 3.    Eat slowly and enjoy it
  •      a.    Choose foods that take longer to eat like peanuts in the shell.
  •      b.    Peanuts offer healthy monounsaturated fats.
  • 4.    Monitor liquid calories
  •       a.    Quench your thirst with chilled, bottled water.
  •       b.    Be aware that alcohol is high in calories.
  • 5.    Bring your own
  •       a.    If allowed, bring healthy snacks to the game.
  •       b.    Choose healthy carbs, fiber, and protein, e.g. apples, carrot sticks, celery and natural peanut butter, mixed nuts, hummus and popcorn. 

Fortunately times are changing and ballparks have more healthy food options than ever, but oftentimes you have to look for either a food court or a stadium club in order to find them.”  Gerry Mullin, M.D.


Posted on August 25, 2016 and filed under nutrition.