Three Brainy Tips!


Recent research shows that the brain’s memory capacity is exponentially larger than was previously believed. If facts, faces, and figures seem to slip through your mind like sand through an hourglass, it’s time for memory boot camp. These research-backed strategies can help to banish “senior moments,” whatever your age.

Get the basics down pat. A healthy lifestyle helps you stay sharp. That means exercising regularly, getting enough shut-eye at night, managing stress, and eating a diet that includes omega-3-rich fish and other real, whole foods (e.g., veggies and beans instead of pizza pockets!).

Keep an eye on the scale. Excess weight is linked to memory problems, but the effects aren’t permanent. In one study, after formerly overweight women lost weight, they performed better on memory.

Find your tribe. An active social life is good for your grey matter! Stay connected to family and friends, and you’ll be less likely to have memory loss as you age.

“You are truly home only when you find your tribe” Srividya Srinivasa



Posted on September 22, 2016 and filed under wellness.