Grow Younger Each Day!

Feeling younger may also inspire a sense of resilience that keeps people young. Don’t worry if you’re not feeling especially bouncy, Here are plenty suggestions for helping us reach a younger state of mind:

·         Challenge yourself to try new things, learn new ideas, and develop new skills. Realizing that most human abilities follow a “use it or lose it” pattern can motivate us to stay active in all realms of our lives.

·         Bring your attention repeatedly to the present moment, through formal mindfulness meditation or informal mindfulness practice. It can help you to appreciate this moment, rather than becoming lost in regrets about the past or imagining future deterioration.

·         Develop a sense of meaning in life. Focus on something larger than yourself, whether that’s connecting with people close to you or helping improve the lives of others. Or commit yourself to a hobby you love, such as gardening, attending the theater, dancing, or reading. Resolve to doing more bike riding with your family, more lunching, shopping, and gabbing with your children. You may be a little older, but try not feel older. And I The goal is to stay young at heart, no matter how many candles are on your birthday cake! 

 “When our focus is just on our own immediate pleasure or pain, we’re much more likely to have difficulty with the aging process,”   Ronald D. Siegel, MD


Posted on January 12, 2017 and filed under wellness.