Standing up is good for you.


In a recent study, office workers who were sedentary for about 9.4 hours a day were counseled to reduce their sitting time, and their activity was tracked for a year. At the beginning of the study, people who sat for just 21 minutes less a day improved their blood sugar levels. By the end of the year, people backslid and were only sitting an average of 8 minutes less, but even this small change led to better results on a blood test related to heart-disease risk. Those who sat less also maintained muscle mass in their legs, whereas people who didn't change their habits lost muscle. So wherever you spend your days and evenings, get ready to get up, stand up, and move more! Doing housework and yardwork, meeting a friend for a walk instead of for coffee, and standing at the counter to write emails or pay bills are all better for your body than sitting. At work, take frequent tea, coffee, or stretching breaks, and instead of holding meetings in a conference room or an office, stand or walk and talk if possible. If you have children, the opportunities for moving more are endless: play outside, walk or bike with them to school, take post-dinner family strolls.

Source: Accelerometer-assessed sedentary work, leisure time and cardio-metabolic biomarkers during one year: Effectiveness of a cluster randomized controlled trial in parents with a sedentary occupation and young children.


Sometimes I sit at my table, but my favorite place is at my standing desk.
– Horace E. Scudder, “The Poet’s House,” 1880




Posted on January 26, 2018 and filed under fitness.