Safe travels: Five ways to prevent sickness when you fly.


1. Be clean. Take along some sanitary wipes, and clean your hands, especially before you eat.

2. Keep your hands to yourself. Avoid picking up germs spread by others by touching as few things as possible – from seats to restroom door handles.

3. Stay moist and hydrated. Protect yourself against the dry air on the plane, which dries out the mucous membranes inside your nose and throat that form a natural protective layer against viruses. Drink plenty of water, suck on herbal lozenges, and use a nasal spray before you board.

4. Gargle with a saline solution. Bring along a little salt to add to the water you can get from your flight attendant. Researchers in Japan found that people who gargle three times a day during cold and flu season had a 40 percent decrease in colds and coughs.

5. Drink to your health! Once you arrive at your destination, make yourself an immune-boosting drink using fresh lemon juice, honey and grated ginger.


“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” Slovakian Proverb.


Posted on June 1, 2017 and filed under fitness.