Go Whole Grain!


Grains that are stripped of nutrients and fiber deserve the bad rap.  Don’t let these “bad apples” of the grain world ruin your taste for these plant foods. After all, it’s not the grains themselves that cause problems — it’s how they’re processed, and the quantity in which they’re eaten. Whole grains, both intact grains like brown rice and flours made from intact grains, are full of fiber and nutrients. In a recent study, adults who were overweight and swapped out the processed stuff for whole grains ate less and lost weight, and levels of inflammation in their bodies dropped. Get the most out of grains by making smart swaps, like brown rice instead of white rice and 100 percent whole-grain breads and pastas instead of their so-called “refined” cousins. Include ancient grains like protein-rich quinoa and mineral-rich teff to your weekly menu.

Source: Whole grain-rich diet reduces body weight and systemic low-grade inflammation without inducing major changes of the gut microbiome: a randomised cross-over trial

With whole grains, “You’re getting fiber, a healthy pland-based protein, vitamnins, minerals and a variety of phytochemicals that will improve your health.” Lilian Cho, DSc., R.D.

Posted on February 23, 2018 and filed under nutrition.