Group singing may boost your mental health.


Singing in a group may help increase your ability to be mindful or “in the now,” according to new research. In the study, researchers gave a group of 83 adults a survey that measured mindfulness before and after their regular chorus practice. Participants were asked, for example, how distracted they felt, how well they were able to concentrate, and the degree to which they were aware of their emotions without being lost in them — all measures of mindfulness. The researchers gave the participants the same survey a few days later before and after listening to a piece of choral music, to tease out the effects of the music itself. Listening to music increased mindfulness, but choral singing did so to an even greater degree. Group singing is also a good way to build a sense of community and it’s great fun.

Source: Exploring the impact of choral singing on mindfulness


Posted on February 23, 2018 and filed under wellness.