Fiber intake and brain health.

Research shows that eating fiber regularly may help protect you from cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s. The plant kingdom is full of foods that can help boost your brain power, and researchers have recently started homing in on how. In addition to the vitamins, minerals, and beneficial phytonutrients that are abundant in vegetables, fruit, beans, and grains, the fiber may help to protect your brain. Past research has shown that eating foods high in soluble fiber can block the production of an inflammation-related chemical in the brain that’s been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. In a recent study, older mice that were fed a high-fiber diet had lower levels of inflammation in both the gut and in the brain. More research is needed, but if your diet is low in fiber-rich plant foods, head on over to the produce aisle or your local farmers’ market and load up on colorful veggies and fruit. And stock your pantry with beans and lentils, whole grains like oats, brown rice, and quinoa, and nuts. 

Source: Butyrate and Dietary Soluble Fiber Improve Neuroinflammation Associated With Aging in Mice.

“Populations that consume more dietary fiber have less chronic disease. In addition, intake of dietary fiber has beneficial effects on risk factors for developing several chronic diseases.”
– American Dietetic Association


Posted on December 28, 2018 and filed under nutrition.