What is your exercise personality?


So what’s the key to enjoying physical activity rather than avoiding or suffering through it? Knowing your “exercise personality.” New research links certain personality traits with exercise preferences. According to the survey of more than 800 adults, extraverts tend to prefer the gym, those with more objective, logical thinking styles tend to prefer set routines, and people who are creative and interested in new ideas gravitate toward outdoor activities like running, biking, and hiking. If that rings true for you, go with it. But don’t let this research pigeonhole you. The important point is that exercise is not a one-size-fits-all activity. Find a few activities that you really enjoy. If you’re an early bird who loves fresh air, plan morning walks or runs with a friend. If you thrive on routine and love the camaraderie of classes, find a fun class that fits your schedule.

Source: Don’t like going to the gym? It could be your personality

“Fresh activity is the only means of overcoming adversity. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Posted on March 23, 2018 and filed under fitness.