Get those kids moving!


According to a new study, for teenagers, getting vigorous physical activity “on the regular” may help to prevent heart-disease risk factors such as high body mass index (BMI) and waist size,. Moderate-intensity activities like walking, while great for overall health, didn’t have the same protective effect. The research also linked TV watching with risk factors for developing heart disease and diabetes later in life. Unsure of the difference between moderate and vigorous? With moderate intensity activities, your heart rate and breathing rates increase but you can still carry on a conversation. Vigorous activities like jogging, fast-paced dancing, swimming, and cycling leave you out of breath and sweating in a cool room. Make fitness a family affair by sticking with your own exercise routine and adding weekly hikes, bike rides, or outdoor games for the whole gang.

Source: Physical activity, sedentary time, TV viewing, physical fitness and cardiovascular disease risk in adolescents: The HELENA study.

“Parents who exercise with their children are not only teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle, they are also reinforcing the family bonds and creating wonderful family traditions.” Pam Howard

Posted on May 18, 2018 and filed under fitness.