Think quality to lose weight.


According to new research, focusing on the quality of your food, rather than the quantity, may be the easiest way to lose weight — and stay healthy while you’re doing it. Researchers tracked more than 600 adults over the course of a year and advised them to focus on eating vegetables, fruit, and other whole foods while cutting down on added sugar, processed foods, and refined grains. Participants were split into a “healthy low carb” group and a “healthy low fat” group, but the emphasis in both groups was to eat high-quality food — cooked at home as often as possible. Rather than having them track calories or portion sizes, the researchers advised participants to simply eat enough to satisfy their hunger. At the end of the year, participants in both groups had lost an average of 12 pounds and had lowered their waist size, blood sugar, and blood pressure — all good news for overall health. Many reported cooking and eating with their families more, and eating in front of the TV or in the car less.

Source: Effect of Low-Fat vs Low-Carbohydrate Diet on 12-Month Weight Loss in Overweight Adults and the Association With Genotype Pattern or Insulin Secretion

“Eating crappy food isn't a reward -- it's a punishment.” Drew Carey


Posted on June 15, 2018 and filed under nutrition.