For better health, all movement matters!


Researchers recently looked at a three-year span of data on nearly 5,000 adults who had worn accelerometers that tracked their movement throughout the day. They then looked at death rates from six and a half years later. Those who were the least active (getting less than 20 minutes a day of moderate activity) had the highest risk of an early death from any cause. Compared with this group, people who averaged an hour of moderate or vigorous exercise a day had half the risk of dying. But the real surprise was that it didn’t matter whether people got their exercise in sessions of a certain length or sporadically throughout the day. In other words, all movement matters. Mowing the lawn, running to catch a bus, walking for a half-hour with a friend, riding your bike to work, taking an interval-training class, doing a few minutes of jumping jacks, having a spontaneous dance party with your family after dinner.

Source: Moderate‐to‐Vigorous Physical Activity and All‐Cause Mortality: Do Bouts Matter?

“Have fun, be active. Ride a bike instead of driving, for example.” Dan Buettner


Posted on July 13, 2018 and filed under fitness.