Resistance exercise may improve your mood.


In an analysis of 33 clinical studies on more than 1,800 adults, researchers found that strength training improved symptoms of depression. Any amount of resistance exercise seemed to help; how much participants exercised, and whether or not they improved their strength significantly, didn’t seem to matter. More research is needed to determine how strength training may improve mood, but there’s no need to wait to start working out with weights or with your own body weight. Not just your mood but also your overall health and basic physical functioning stand to benefit. If you have depression, talk with your doctor about incorporating exercise into your routine. Bear in mind that feeling the motivation to exercise can be especially challenging when you’re feeling low. You may want to sign up for a class or a few sessions with a trainer to get yourself going and to learn proper technique. Then let the good mood–good health spiral begin!

Source: Association of Efficacy of Resistance Exercise Training With Depressive Symptoms

“For me, fitness is not just about hitting the gym; it is also about an inner happiness and an overall well-being.” Rakul Preet Singh





Posted on September 7, 2018 and filed under fitness.