Social Life Boosts Health and Happiness!


New research underscores the importance of maintaining meaningful relationships and social connections throughout your life and as you age. In one study of adults with various forms of heart disease, feelings of loneliness were associated with poor health outcomes, dramatically higher rates of depression and anxiety, and double the risk of premature death. In another study focused on life satisfaction, “well-being strategies” that involved socializing were shown to lead to greater satisfaction a year later than strategies that did not include socializing. So be sure to make time to connect with people you care about and enjoy. Host or attend family gatherings, organize a monthly potluck for neighbors on your block, volunteer for an organization you care about, or plan frequent get-togethers with a group of old or new friends.

Source: Successfully Striving for Happiness: Socially Engaged Pursuits Predict Increases in Life Satisfaction


Socializing can provide a number of benefits to your physical and mental health.” Angela K. Troyer Ph.D., C.Psych.


Posted on September 21, 2018 and filed under wellness.