Get out of your Chair!


In a recent study, students who participated in a behavior-change program lowered their usual sitting intervals from 90 minutes to one hour. Unlike many studies, this one didn’t prescribe a set protocol but instead had participants choose their own strategies and — this is important — consider and plan for what might get in the way. Below are a few potential strategies, along with challenges and solutions.

Set a timer at regular intervals to signal when to stand up and stretch or walk around, such as every 30 minutes.
Stand for calls to break up marathon sitting stretches at work.
If you watch TV in the evenings, stand and walk around at every commercial break — or walk in place or around the room while you’re viewing.

Source: Standing Up for Student Health: An Application of the Health Action Process Approach for Reducing Student Sedentary Behavior-Randomised Control Pilot Trial.

 “Sometimes I sit at my table, but my favorite place is at my standing desk.
– Horace E. Scudder, “The Poet’s House,” 188

Posted on April 5, 2019 and filed under fitness.