Happy spouse, longer life!

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Research has shown that having a happy spouse may lead to a longer marriage. A new study suggests that your spouse’s happiness may affect your longevity, too. Among the study participants, those with a happy partner were less likely to die during the eight-year study than those with an unhappy partner. So what gives, and more important, what can you do about it? We know that there’s a link between being satisfied with your life, experiencing less perceived stress, and engaging in healthy habits like exercising regularly and eating well—and we also that spouses’ lifestyle choices tend to mirror each other. And you may know from experience that moods can be contagious in close quarters. If you or your spouse are feeling dissatisfied, shake things up. If you’ve been in a TV watching or takeout rut (or both!), start going for walks together or take a cooking class. Continuous learning and mastering skills can increase happiness, so support each other in pursuing interests and dreams.

Source: Having a Happy Spouse Is Associated With Lowered Risk of Mortality

My husband and I are the best of friends.” Carnie Wilson



Posted on August 9, 2019 and filed under wellness.