F4 Viral Cookbook

Hey Ft. Wayne! Welcome to our city's first interactive Cookbook. To start out we had a few volunteers from the city come in and give us some ideas for quick, cheap, and easy recipes. Now it's up to you!!! Let us know what you do for yourself or your family and send in your videos. Or, if you are just getting started and want to learn something, submit us your ideas to OperationF4@gmail.com and we will do our best to add that video to the website. Also, feel free to look at some more of our food tip in our EAT SMART archive. Enjoy! 

-Side Tip: You can watch the videos at a faster rate by clicking on the settings bar at the bottom (the symbol that looks like a gear), and raising the level of speed. We recommend 1.5, it allows you to finish the video faster while still understanding the speaker. 


This Egg in a Mug is about as quick as a quick and healthy recipe or meal gets. You'll be glad if you aren't a breakfast eater to ease in with this. 

My absolute go to in the mornings. I of course use my secret ingredient for a little chocolate flavor. This is how I build my house, but there are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways you can tailor a smoothie to your liking. Print out of ingredients located HERE

To stick with our message of "quick and easy", this Quinoa breakfast is probably the fastest to make out of all our recipes. For those of you who are Oatmeal lovers, we urge you to try Quinoa as it is the only complex carbohydrate that offers a heavy dose of protein (as well as all 9 essential amino acids). Plus, there is a secret ingredient we like to use for a little flavor;) Quick directions can be viewed/printed HERE.



(In Italian Voice). Hey its'a pizza pie! Except to F4, to us it's a canvas. Use whatever bread you like, toppings you like, but stick to something nutritious is our only rule! Check out this pizza remix and its recipe HERE

Who doesn't like Taco's?! It's like Pizza! Well not ours, just like our pizza having a re-mix. Check out a new way to get some more mileage out of your taco mix. Oh, and by the way not only will you get more in bulk, but you will add nutrition as well! To check out the recipe click HERE


Who doesn't need some more energy in the morning or even afternoon. These bars can work in both situations. Make them the night before so you can grab in the morning for breakfast or take with you to POWER through your 2 PM lull. To follow along with the text directions, you can print out the recipe HERE

Have kids? This salad is simple and stingy (when it comes to cost, time, and even bad calories). Not only that, but it will fill them up with more fiber and nutrients than a quick burger from those fast food factories:( To follow along easier, please feel free to print out the recipe HERE. Also, use any type of "green" mixture you like. Some good examples- Kale, Spinach, Chard, Arugula.


Food Hacks

These videos below are AMAZING. They teach you (like they did us), how to more effectively cook, prep, and enjoy your food in much more time/cost saving manors. These we recommend watching at a 2.0 speed;)