Our Video Section is now here! We have reached out across Ft. Wayne and have had some amazing responses for volunteers whether organizations or their individuals. We have four sections for your enjoyment. EAT SMART  GET FIT   FEEL GOOD  and of course MISC. Please click the links to take you to more videos above or underneath the videos on this page. And as always, let us know what you want to learn or see and we will get to work!

Email: operationf4@gmail.com

Here is a quick easy recipe for a 2-3 serving smoothie. To see more Eat Smart videos click HERE.                                                                                             -


Looking for a challenge to do at home with kids, by yourself, or in the office? Check out Ft. Wayne's own Kara Hackett getting SWOLE. To see more Get Fit videos, click HERE

Want to start your mornings loose and refreshed? Check out this morning integration video from Dani McGuire at Prana Yoga School. To see more videos like this click HERE.


Here is Miles Nitz, a professional here locally who works with clients on "A Health Club for the Mind", talks at one of our speaking events on eating mindfully during the holidays (or any time during the year). To see more videos like this and others, click HERE