F4's Viral Workout Challenges

To Continue with our "friendly" competition theme, we will continue to post some challenges you can try for yourself, or better yet, with friends and family! Just like our cookbook, we want YOU to submit some of your videos of your workouts you  do from home or your office. What are some of your ideas you want to hear about being more active? Please submit all videos and/or questions to Operationf4@gmail.com Also, you can check out our archive page on some literature on how to GET FIT.

Shout-out to Ft. Wayne's own Superwoman Kara Hackett! This challenge won't happen over night so try "practicing" at home with your kids or for a fun break at the office. Push ups have many positive advantages to them. Core strength, increased bone mass, and increased metabolic rate to name a few.  

Think you're ready for the Big Leagues?! Yeah, neither was this guy, he is still working up to get through this workout. This is the full workout for the Spartans brave enough to try. 

Looking for a way to start slow and work your way up? This Spartan workout is the perfect answer. It is higher rep and lower weight. More importantly, David Hernandez does a great job of showing ways you can "modify" the workout to make it a little easier.


Is it getting hot in here?  This iswhat all our brave men and women go through every year to make sure they are Fit for Duty. This test/challenge was no joke. Although you may not be able to do this, you can do very similar things (running stairs, lifting objects from the ground, etc...) at the gym or from home and get HERO strong.