Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
— Henry Ford

We all know that working together makes the job lighter and more fun.  Operation F4 has now launched Teams - a great way to pool your results with your friends and coworkers and compete against other teams across the City of Fort Wayne!

How it works

Step 1: Organization or Team?

Organizations are groups of teams.  For example, a hospital might register as an organization, so they can sum up all of their weight loss across all teams within their organization.  Then the Emergency Department of the hospital could sign up as a team within that organization.

Teams don't have to be part of an organization though.  Anyone can start one!  Want to start one of all your friends?  Or, maybe start one to represent your zip code or neighborhood and get your neighbors on board!

You can even be a team of one!  Track your stats publicly to let your friends and family cheer you on.  Then have them start their own teams and challenge them to be more active!

Step 2: Start 'er up!

Click the buttons to the right to go start your organization or team.  Fill out the form and you're all done.  Simple and fast.

Step 3: Invite Others

When you setup your team or organization you have to give a "passcode".  Anyone who you give the passcode to can join your team, or create a team within your organization - so only give it out to those who you want to invite.

Join a Team

Joining is easy - just go to that Team's page and click the "Join This Team" button.  You will be prompted to enter the Team Passcode.  Once that checks out you are on the team!


Once you own a team, you can start making challenges to other teams.  Want to challenge that hospital across town?  Go to their team page and issue the challenge to a certain weight loss total!

The challenged team will receive an email that will let them know you've made the challenge.  They can then log into their Team page and either accept or reject it.  Either way, you will receive an email telling you whether they accepted or not.

When a challenge has been accepted, any weight lost from that time forward gets applied to all open challenges at the same time.  So, if Team Awesome has five open challenges to lose 100 pounds, then all of those challenges will be met at the same time.

Questions and Answers

Can I join or start more than one team?

Absolutely.  The system if very flexible and will let you join whatever teams you have been given the passcode to.

How does my weight loss get tracked on my team?

Every pound of weight loss you log will be applied to any teams you are currently a member of.  If you belong to more than one team, then your pounds are divided evenly across all of the teams.

What happens if I leave a team?

If you leave a team, then your weight will no longer be logged against their totals.  However, all of your past weight loss will still be applied.

Why can't I challenge a team?

To keep the competition between teams, only organization or team owners can challenge another team.   Just ask your team owner to make the challenge, or create a new team of your own and challenge them that way!

I have more questions...

No problem!  Just email us at info@opf4.com and we'll get right back to you!