What's Next?

Now that you are a member of Operation Fight For a Fitter Fort, what should you do now?

1. Set your goals

Finish lines are important.  If you haven't set your goals yet, head over to the Tracking Page (Click the "Track Progress" button in the above right) and then click the big red "Set Goals" button.  You can set goals for your ideal weight, and your weekly goals for Steps Taken, Miles Traveled, and Minutes of Activity.

2. Track your progress

Tracking progress helps keep you focused on your goals.  If your goals are weight loss, then make sure to come back each week and enter your current weight.  Each time you do an activity, come to the site and log it.  (Tip: You can visit the site on your phone and track progress right after the activity was done.)

3. Start or Join a Team

Its a lot easier (and more fun) to achieve our goals if we are doing it with others.  We all have rough days when it comes to making new healthy habits, and having the support and understanding of those around you makes it a lot easier to get through those days.  We've made it easy to join or start a team of any size, whether you are a single person who just wants to be on the leaderboard, or whether you are a large hospital network.  Just go here to get started!

There is also competition between the teams to see who can be the most active which you can follow along on our city-wide leaderboard.  So join a team, then get active and see if you can beat the competition!

4. Read the Articles

As the OPF4 initiative grows within our community, we will continue to add informative articles and resources that will give you the edge in your new active lifestyle.  Have a suggestion for an article?  Found some great tips online?  

5. Go to Events

Over the coming year, OPF4 and its Partners will be hosting or attending events all over the City of Fort Wayne!  Come out to the events, get active, and have a good time with the whole family!


This is the best thing you can do to help yourself get active, and to help OPF4 succeed.   "Like" us on Facebook.  Follow us on Twitter.  Engage with us on social media.  Tell all your friends to join up, or better yet, start a team and invite them!  Ask us questions!   Our vision of a healthy Fort Wayne begins with YOU.